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Manual Series M2

High professional long arm riveter with built-in unique transmission of power allows effortless setting of blind rivets.

Manual Series M2
Easy Installation of Blind Rivets

Easy Installation of Blind Rivets

The Manual series riveters can be used in a series production due to new unique design of their mechanism which enables riveting with application of the minimum force and lever lenght and allows a reduction of the tool weight while maintaining its high quality and durability.

Adjustment of the Lever Opening Angle

Manual series blind riveters are standardly equipped with a system for adjusting the opening angle of levers which is necessary for correct setup of the tool. This enables rupturing of rivets in optimal lever position and therefore correct and even riveting especially required at structural rivets.

Adjustment of the Lever Opening Angle
Ergonomy and Design

Ergonomy and Design

Manual series riveters are distinguished by the timeless design of Professor Pavel Škarka and sophisticated ergonomy, which allows their easy set up and use in demanding condition of series production.


4,0-6,4mm Al, St, Rv structural rivets
Body material:
High strength ABS (plastic)
Lever material:
Nose pieces 4,8-6,4mm